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Loot Train General Policy Information Empty Loot Train General Policy Information

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All applications for main / back up raiders must be posted for an entire raid week before an invite will be given. Early invitations will come based soley on approval of all officers. F & F requires the approval of ONE officer.

If a specific guild member has a personal problem with one of the applicants they are expected to notify one of the officers through the forums or in game. We will take this into consideration when we decide on new applicants but it will not necessarily prevent the applicant from getting into the guild. We expect our members to take a mature approach to these kinds of situations and either resolve the problem on their own or contact an officer should their problems persist.

New applicants will be brought into the guild at the "initiate" level. In order to be promoted to back up / main raider, the applicant will need to be on time and ready to go for our regularly scheduled raids.

Raid Attendance and Performance:

We expect 100% attendance out of our main raiders. We know that RL issues come up for everyone and we will be understanding, but you should post on the forums the days you will be missing and why. If you consistantly miss raids do not be suprised if your main raid spot is given to a back up. If we are notified of an upcoming problem in your raid attendance we will work with you to the best of our abilities to be sure you can still raid with us when you return.

Raid Rules:

All raid members are expected to -

- Be online at least 15 min before raid start for invite.
- Come prepared. This means flasks, foods, potions, reagents, etc.
- Be ready for first pull at raid time.
- Stay focused. Vent should remain clear for instructions during all encounters.
- Perform up to the standards of the raid.
- Respect each other.

Loot Council Policy:

Our loot council is comprised of the officers. Tanks are responsible for deciding who gets what tank gear, not the council. Loot distribution will be determined by the needs of the raid team as a whole.

Contributing factors may include but are not limited to:

Raider status
Raid Role
Stat upgrades
Set Bonuses

Offspec and sidegrade gear is rolled on only if no one wants the gear piece for their MAIN spec.

If no one wants the piece for MAIN or OFF spec the item will be disenchanted and the crystals will be placed in the guild bank.

Crafting patterns and recipies will be given to officers first. After all of the officers have the recipies the raid will be able to roll on the given items. Players that have maxed their profession for the certain recipe will be given priority over those who have not.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please ask any of our officers in game.


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